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About Amelia

Helping you Speak & Eat 

with Confidence.

Amelia is an experienced Speech Pathologist with over 7 years experience in Speech Pathology. She is the founder of Speech & Swallow Pathology Group and wants to enhance the quality and care of services offered to people with speech, communication and swallowing difficulties.

Graduating from University of Sydney in 2014, she has worked in a range of areas including hospitals, ENT clinics, community health and private practices both in Australia and overseas.

She is also an avid teacher and practitioner of Yoga and meditation, having completed a 200-hour training course, she is happy to offer this service to help complement your therapy sessions, wherever appropriate.

Therapy session

Why Us ?

  • We offer flexible and mobile services all across Sydney, either through Pyrmont Doctors Clinic, home visitations or online telehealth sessions

  • We provide high-quality, tailored and caring services to best meet both your short and long-term needs

  • We work with you and take the time to find out about your world, including who you are, your interests and values. This way we can tailor therapy to your individual needs.

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