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Neurodiversity Affirming Practice

Our values and mission align with the Neurodiversity Affirming Principles. We recognise and respect the unique strengths and perspectives of all individuals, including those with diverse neurological profiles, such as autism, ADHD and other neuro-developmental differences. 

In our therapy sessions, we create an inclusive and accepting environment. We believe in fostering an environment where all clients feel heard, valued & understood, while collaboratively working towards their communication & social goals.

This includes:

  • Understanding & respecting neurodivergent communication styles

  • Understanding & accommodating individual sensory needs

  • Developing self-advocacy & problem-solving skills

  • Provide barrier-free access to AAC (alternative ways of communicating including texting or on iPad)

  • Strength-based approach

  • Collaborate with clients

  • Respect autonomy and boundaries

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Trauma-Informed Services

At S&SG, we firmly believe in the power of trauma-informed practice to promote healing, growth and resilience. We understand that individuals who have experienced trauma require specialised care and support to navigate their unique journey towards recovery. Our trauma-informed approach ensures that every aspect of our services is designed to foster safety, respect & empowerment.

This includes:

  • Safety & Trust: we prioritise creating a safe & trusting environment for all our clients. Dedicated to building authentic connections.

  • Empowerment & Collaboration: we believe in the power of collaboration, you are an active participant in the therapy process. Through empowerment, we work together to develop strategies & goals that resonate with your unique needs. 

  • Cultural Sensitivity & Diversity: we recognise & respect the diverse backgrounds, cultures & identities of our clients. We ensure our services promote inclusivity and affirm to all walks of life.

  • Understanding the Impact of Trauma: we approach our interactions with sensitivity, understanding that trauma can manifest in various ways. 

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